Fixed me.

” I love you “, he said.
“I love you too, but, I won’t come to Kochi”,  I replied in the same breath.
“Then Kochi will come to you”, he replied with the smile that still makes me go weak in the knees.

I looked out of the window like I didn’t hear .
…..If you never try, you’ll never know….. played the radio in the background, as if it was a sign.

Eventually,  I did give Kochi a try.

She welcomed me arms wide open.  I was reluctant.

20160313_180619I told myself, I like  places which have histories. Kochi asked me to choose from Portugese, Dutch, English  and Indian.
I said “I like nature “. Kochi rolled out my options; beach,backwaters, paddy fields and coconut grooves.
Food “. Kochi handed me a menu card that ran into volumes.
Creative spirit “. I was led to the most  beautiful galleries of art, musical shows, poetry, cartooning and so much more.
People“. She showed me my friend from different walks  of life.
“I am sure you can’t convince me about my career ” I said , hoping to score a home run. And I was led to my dream job.
“And Vacation” I said.  Kochi listed herself in the 50 places of lifetime.

I held the outreached hand.

Sitting by the walkway of Fort Kochi beach,”I love you”, he said again.
“I love Kochi” I smiled back.

.Lights will guide you home…..Coldplay sang ” Fix you ” again, as if on cue.

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