With Kochchus to Kochi?

Kocchu means children in Malayalam. Traveling to Kochi with the Kocchus might be a treat! But any parent worth their salt will know that traveling to anywhere with kids means allowance in their itinerary for “I -no-like-sun, diaper emergencies, sniffles and snuffles, I-wanna-stay-here-forevers.”.



But knowing about Kochi before hand, might ease such worries.

This of course doesn’t substitute for the regular checklist that moms and dads have .

  1. Food : As it seems sensible to carry the food children as used to eating and in accordance to their allergies, whims and fancies, the local cuisine is a healthy fare. Idli, Vada, Idiyapam, Puttu, Dosa are all made from a well balanced proportion of carbohydrates and protein and are steamed. Therefore hygienic.
  2. Hydration: Water , tender coconut water will help children stay fresh as they prance about the streets.
  3. Light Summery clothes will be perfect most of the time, though Rainy season may warrant a raincoat and tad bit warmer clothes.
  4. Mosquito Repellent : Please carry abundantly and apply generously.
  5. Hats for the little heads.

Keep them busy.

  1. Activites : Back water cruising, fishing , boating are some of the  non-mall-activities that kids would love .
  2. Museums are plenty in Kochi: Older children might enjoy a little history (fingers crossed) and a good place to start for the little ones.
  3. Beach : Sun, Sand and Kids :A perfect recipe for a vacation. However , don’t let the Sun in Kerala fool you.
  4. Kathakali: Children will love/ get scared of depending on their age but will never forget a Kathakali performance. If you go ahead of the show time you can catch up on the artists applying their makeup. I shall not be held responsible if they try their own paint makeup soon after
  5. Elephant Training Camps and village visits are a regular feature , but in the villages around Kochi and not fort Kochi per se.
  6. Temple festivals: Temples around Kochi are in celebration mode almost all around the year, though may not be on a grand scale. Find out from locals, auto wallahs who will readily ferry you around.
  7. Events in Kochi : Are updated regularly on  Hangout Kochi. I once caught up with such a beautiful play in David Hall for kids. Keep your eyes open!

Help them build a scrap book or a memory box of the things they find, like the museum tickets, shells , train tickets and the like .

Stress on the need to consciously choose eco – friendly options (a plenty in Kerala) and support ethically sourced products. Its a small way to give back to the cottage industries around. More real footprints and less Carbon foot prints.

Volunteering for a cause at the place of visit might interest kids. Its a good way to take home memories and leave behind moments for others as well.

As parents on a tour, we often decide to stay put and worry more about their routine . DON’T. It’s a matter of few days.Take them around, different modes of transport as per your comfort. Try the boat, cycle around with them or just plain old -walk (may include piggy back rides for the kiddos! You are warned!) But do as much as you can. The fatigue will wear out (sooner or later !) and you will have just pure memories!

So stop reading and plan the next trip to Fort Kochi with your little traveller.!


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