Master Stroke!

More often than not we just sit back and wish we could play like kids. 4 days, 80 boys, A Volley ball, Few hundred supporters had the time of their lives reliving their childhood.

The Masters group, a group of like minded boys, got together diligently every morning to play their hearts out (In spite of the “the eye” from their wives!). A game of volley ball ceased to be only game. It was their”Me Time”. That time when they stopped worrying about the daily mundane and pranced around like kids in the dirt.


Gradually, the game became an obsession. Now, they were all set to play a tournament.


In true IPL style, teams were sorted, owned , captained and formed. The bidding was also IPL-class, Players were auctioned for points.(Sorry Honey,No Money). A good idea as monetary involvement may dampen the spirit of friends playing against each other.

I have to pause to mention the cheerleaders who were way prettier than the IPL ones.

The audience, family of the players, cheered the players . The unending supply of Sip -up (Drops of heaven in packets), Ice Golas (I mean, What is summer without them?) and Rani float (Yummy juice with chunks of fruit that you float  in its flavors like a Rani) kept the tongues colored. So Many childhood memories were made and relieved.

The winners of the tournament were the Powani Buster team who smashed their way to victory and how!

Check out these pics!

The winners (Powani Busters) and the Runner Up (Imperial strikers)

There winners in this tournament apart from the players were the wives and children . They found new friends and cemented the friendship over four days of yelling, screaming and cheering.

I shall no longer say Childhood memories because we have never really left childhood behind!


P.S. As for these guys, the wives’ eye of scorn became a blink of approval and eye lash batting of pure admiration!


4 thoughts on “Master Stroke!

  1. It’s these moments that make life so exciting and the memories they make are for eternity. Glad you are recording them so picturesquely. l


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