Better late than never.

This post is about a puppet theater I attended about a year ago and forgot to write about it. So, now that I blog (OMG) , this post may be only evidence of having seen this cute little show , should I get some kind of amnesia or Alzheimer’s in the future.

The Markus Puppet theater is an  itinerant theater group from Hungary.  So far, they have held 160 performances of their 12 plays.Their style is that of political fair puppetry, classical theatrical values, and the mythical and literary heritage.

The founders – Zsuzsanna Vajda and Gábor Pilári- and  The Singas Project , well-known group of jazz musicians from Hungary performed together in this puppet play themed : I Can Fly.20160327_150653-01

The story was that of a cute little puppet who wanted to fly to the moon and figures out various means to do so. They involved the audience and my Lil ones tried their hand at flying with leaves!

Here are a few pics of the talented duo. All Credits to their



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