Trees of Fort Kochi

As monuments draw most of the Oohs and Aah s, the salubrious trees stand by the sides and as poignant onlookers.
For they know that , if it was not for them the unrelenting heat of Kochi would have fried away a couple of heads.
This post is dedicated to trees of Kochi.
1. Raintree .
It would be unfair to overlook the most abundantly growing tree in favor of others.
Rain trees are wide canopies trees with symmetrical crown.Their trucks are huge and distinct.The famous Ammachi Alu Tree on veli ground is a rain tree
They are also called 5 o clock tree as their leaves sleep in the evening.
They absorb large amount of Co2 and purify the air
They bear pink flowers with a fluffy appearance.trees
Find them : Along K.J.Herschel Road, St Francis road , Ridsdale Road . They are found every where in Kochi,
Don’t just find them; bow your head and thank them for keeping the airspace in Kochi still breathable.
2.Banyan Tree
The national tree of India derives its name from The baniya community who regularly put up their shops in its shade. Baniya was anglicized to Banyan over due course of time. Known for its elaborate root system.
 Find them at: Fort Kochi beach. Cherlai area near the temple.
3. Coconut tree
They are everywhere. You don`t need to even look out for them. All tree are coconut trees in Kochi unless proved otherwise.20160225_173835
4.Mango trees.
Where there are bunch of children eyeing upwards and hatching a plan, there stands a mango tree tempting them.
Find them: Around Bastion bunglow, Bishop House,
5. Peepal Tree:
The most scared tree for Hindus, Also called Ashwatha/ King of trees.
Its saga is worthy of a separate blog page.
Find them: The Fort Kochi beach, Near  Fort Kochi boat jetty, Cherlai, Amaravathi.
6.Ashoka tree:
Tall conical trees lining the avenues, Perfectly standing in a row Inside Cochin club, Along river Road.
7. Copper pods :Large tree with distinctly yellow flowers.
8.May Flower:
Gulmohar, also called Calvarypoo, which is considered to have turned red by the blood of Jesus Christ.
Seen Opposite David Hall Around Parade ground.
9.Golden Shower : Also called Cassia Fistula or Connampoo. It is the State Flower of Kerala. The flowers are a important part of Malyalee celebrations especially for the new year , Vishu.
10. Tamarind, Teak Jamun trees are also plenty. Not miss the tiny little bamboo groove on the River road.
11. Monkey Puzzle : The tree within the premises of Vascodagama church . This tree grew in abundance in european countries and derived its nick name when a noble man commented “I wonder how a monkey climbs this tree”. So Monkey Puzzle it is.
Next time you stroll the streets of Fort Kochi try to remember them by name.

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