Why KochiCoo?

20160224_064007Kochi is a very fascinating place. With the right amount of “old” and “new”, she is poised to make place for herself in your list of Favorite places to visit – revisit- revisit- stay put-and- never leave.

There are so many facets to this place.So many cultures intertwined and yet remain distinct silently adding their share of diversity. Italians, Portuguese , Dutch, British, Jews, Arabs have traveled all the way to find greener pastures here, so have Konkanis, Gujrathis, Boras and many minor ethic groups. Kochi has never refused any one,  always welcomed  wide open arms.

You will find street art in perfect harmony with world renowned installations.Kathakali and Jazz nights drawing equal crowds. Kerala sadya and authentic wood pizza jostle for your attention.Tharvadu style houses  and colonial villas sharing a wall.

Kochi woos you with all its charms and KochiCoos you into falling in love with this place.

Keep watching this space as we delve into the depth of this treasure box and fetch out The Usual, The Quirky, The Mysterious, The Precious and The Best of Kochi.


21 thoughts on “Why KochiCoo?

  1. Kochi is a place of beauty. Many people like to go far to see places while Koch lies so close presenting a rhapsodic allure and grace.
    Nice to know that you follow Meenas Poems.
    Hope the poems entertain you.
    All the best.


  2. The moment I got notification on gmail that a Kochi related blog was following me, I had to check it out. Anything related to Kochi grabs my attention. Kochi isn’t a place. It is a feeling like no other! I have written many Kochi related posts and they will never end. I am glad to have come across a space specifically for Kochi. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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  3. Kochi is a beautiful place…and u have put it beautifully too…i hope u would love the time u spend in kochi..
    thanks for following my blog…:)


  4. I had felt bad enough not to have enough time at kochi.. But thanks to your post, I feel bad all over again, on having had very little time there!!! Maybe some day I would get to go back again, and maybe your posts would help explore!!
    Hoping to see more!

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  5. My wife and I were fortunate to visit Kochi (Cochin) in May of this year. Her first visit, but I’d visited Cochin in the early 60’s when I bought four pictures from a street artist. They now hang on our dining room wall. Our recent visit brought back many memories :-o)

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  6. Kochi is one of my favorite cities in India – Given a choice, I would love to spend a few months here. There is so much to do and see, and of course, so many friends to spend time with. Glad to follow your blog and keep up with all the hip and happening things in Kochi!


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